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There are many questions you may have after an accident, the JLS has trained knowledgeable professionals with over 15 years of experience to answer your questions and help put you at ease. The JLS Injury Doctors in Orlando and Throughout Central Florida have been treating auto accident patients  for many years. Combined the doctors carry well over 75 years of  combined experience.



  • How long will it take to see a doctor? Should I contact a doctor or attorney first?
  • Will my PIP insurance pay my doctor's bills, even if the accident is my fault?
  • If I were not driving and don't own a car, who will pay for my medical bills?

  • The accident was not my fault, should I speak to an attorney?

  • How soon should I see a doctor?

  • Does my insurance get billed directly?

  • Who pays for my car to be fixed?

  • Which insurance company will pay for my medical bills?

Call JLS now and find out how we can help you answer these questions and more!

  • JLS IS available 24/7 to take your call and answer your questions, (even on the weekends). There is always a live professional to speak to.
  • JLS will find and connect you with a doctor for an immediate appointment in your area!
  • JLS has a great variety of doctors including Chiropractors, Orthopedic Surgeons, Medical Doctors, Massage Therapists and more!  Locations Orlando and all throughout Central Florida!
  • The doctors within the JLS network are specialists in their prospective fields and can give you the maximum benefit of care.


It takes a very short amount of time to cause  injuries that can be a major problem for your body and unfortunaely can affect you for many years to come.  The team of doctors within JLS all agree that seeking immediate medical attention from one of highest quality of physicians trained in neck, back, headache and whiplash injuries is one of the most important things you can do after your auto accident! The JLS doctors have a tremendous amount of experience! Call JLS now to find out more!


The Injury Physicians at the JLS Healthcare solutions Network really care about your well being. The Injury Network at JLS Health Care are experienced in all aspects of treating patients injured in auto accidents. Our experienced Chiropractors, Medical and Pain Management Doctors, as well as a wide variety of Medical Professionals will ensure you receive the best possible care. There is never a fee to connect you with a doctor, and the consultations are always free for every patient. Call now to speak to a JLS professional. Our JLS staff is ready and available to answer your quesitions now! The consultations with a JLS professional are always free no matter what!  All personal injury, PIP no fault is accepted. Our network of doctorís are located throughout all of Central Florida including all of the Orlando areas. Call us NOW to find out more!

The JLS network of health care providers offers a wide variety of services to patients. Some of the services and treatments our clinics provide are:

  • State of the Art Chiropractic Care
  • Auto Accident Injury Care
  • Complete Medical Care
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • EMG Testing, Nerve Conduction Studies, Functional Capacity Testing
  • Complete X-Ray Facilities
  • Spinal Stabilization Exercise Program
  • Vax D Treatment (Non-Surgical Decompression for Herniated Discs)
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Manual Joint and Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Licensed Physical Therapist
  • Manual Traction


"JLS Health Care was great! I was experiencing neck and back pain after a recent auto accident. I did not know how the insurance worked, or what type of doctor I should see for my back pain.  I searched around for a doc and I could not get an appointment anywhere for over a month.  I found JLS, they answered all my questions and scheduled me to see a doc that same day. The docs were great!  Thank you so much JLS! Your combination of doctors and specialists are truly unique, and helpful to many people.  I would recommend your service to anyone I knew."
Beth R

"I was experiencing severe headaches after a slip and fall injury at a local store. I did not know where to turn.  A friend told me about JLS Health Care. I called and was scheduled to see a doctor that same day!  The office they sent me to was right down the street from my home. They have been wonderful there. They have an Medical Doctor and a Chiropractor as well as a physical therapy department.  My pain is already 70% better and I can do so much more now. Thanks JLS! Your service was wonderful."
John L

"I was suffering from back pain for years. I have several disc herniations in my low back. I had tried all the conventional treatments. They always seem to help some, but I was never quite out of pain.  I did some research and found JlS Health Care. JLS  referred me to a doctor for a free consultation that specializes in the Vax-d treatment for the back. This treatment is amazing. In only a short amount of time I finished my treatments, I am about 90% better.  I can now do so many things I could not do for years. And the best part of all, is that I do not need surgery. Thanks JLS, for creating this network of docs that care so much!"
 - Rosanne S


"After my accident, I didnít know what to do. I didnít know if I should call a lawyer for legal advice first, or call to see a doctor first for my pain.. I didnít know who would pay my medical bills, and the accident was someone elseís fault, and my pain was getting worse. I had so many questions about how this all worked. I called JLS and spoke to someone who was very professional and very well trained. They answered all my questions immediately and scheduled me to see a doctor the same day. They really helped give me the resources I needed and really put me at ease with all my concerns. I would highly recommend calling them after your accident."
Mari S


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